Prepare Your Apartment Buildings This Spring With These 14 Tricks

As the days begin to grow longer and the last of the ice patches slowly fade from view, it’s a good time to check out your apartment buildings and see if Old Man Winter was kind or cruel during the winter season. A thorough investigation of the buildings and some maintenance will get them ready for a new batch of renters eagerly searching for a home. 

The cold weather can cause headaches with your plumbing. Cracked pipes are always a concern during the winter. Check all the pipes and repair any leaks you find. This also is a good time to check the building’s heating and cooling systems. Changing air filters and performing tuneups will allow them to work more efficiently. It’s a good time to check doors and windows to make sure they are properly insulated. Keeping unwanted air out of apartment buildings will help to keep utility costs down. 

Since spring showers are inevitable, make sure all of your gutters are clear of any debris. Leftover leaves from the fall, braches and other items will stop rainwater from running freely through the gutters. Making sure your gutters are clear will help prevent water from leaking out of other places. While you’re checking the gutters, be sure to check the roof for any damage that may have occurred during the winter.

You want your tenants to feel like they are living in a clean and safe building. Inspect the trees and remove any broken or weak branches. Check the lighting on the property and replace any bad light bulbs. The spring and summer months are usually filled with thunderstorms, which can dump a lot of rain during a short period of time. Place waterproof mats at every entrance of the buildings to help prevent slips and falls. Spring is a good time to do landscaping work on your property. Planting new trees and flowers will assist in beautifying your buildings. 

It’s good to keep some type of contact with your residents. A newsletter, email or text is a good way to let them know about any issues or work that will take place at the buildings. The beginning of spring is a good time to check the batteries in both fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Also, springtime is a good time to have chimneys cleaned, so they will be ready for next winter. 

As the spring approaches, putting a list together for your apartment buildings is a smart idea because it allows you to see what needs to be completed to keep your buildings running efficiently. Being proactive helps to prevent a big repair from sneaking up on you.

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