How to Measure the Space Needed for Your Office

To calculate how much office space you need for your business might seem like an overwhelming task. While you don’t have to have it down to an exact number, you might feel like you need to. This often leads owners of new entrepreneurship to have a difficult time finding real estate. Real estate agents simply need to know relative measurements of what you need so that he or she can deliver eligible properties. Here is how to figure out how much space you need for your office building.

Average Requirements

One way to figure it out is to look at average space requirements. While space requirements are going to be different from company to company, there are averages that you can think about. There really is a large variety when it comes to layouts.

Some businesses may want open floor plans, whereas outers may want several offices and conference rooms. It all depends on the type of business you run, how much privacy your employees need and what you prefer. Decide which layout suits your entrepreneurship before you try to get the measurements down.

If you’re trying to figure out what your business needs, here is a quick rundown of the measurements and space most businesses need.

  • President’s office: 400 square feet
  • Vice president’s office: 200 square feet
  • Managers: 150 square feet
  • Cubicles: Between 125 and 175 square feet
  • Open area desks: Between 100 square feet and 125 square feet
  • File rooms: 200 square feet
  • Mailrooms: 125 square feet
  • Workrooms: 125 square feet
  • Storage rooms: 200 square feet
  • Libraries: 200 square feet
  • Break rooms: 75 square feet with an additional 25 square feet per person

Keep in mind that these are average sizes and many of the variations come down to the industry that your business is in. It’s important to take everything into consideration before deciding your space needs.

Determine Costs

In order to know what you can afford, you need to find out how much the real estate costs per square foot. This can help you make decisions on what kind of space you use and how large of a space you need. Keep in mind that you need to sign a lease and that you will be locked into that agreement for two to five years. It’s best to accommodate the future growth of your company.

When it comes to your entrepreneurship, having a new space can help your business thrive. The process of choosing the size of your real estate doesn’t have to be a daunting process. As long as you’re in the ballpark, you can make it work.

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