Purchase Order financing

Fulfill Product Demand With Purchase Order Financing

Your company received an order, but you currently lack the funds to pay your supplier for the products. If this situation sounds familiar, consider purchase order financing (PO financing) with Heritage Capital Solutions.

What Is PO Financing?

PO financing is, in essence, a cash advance. A lender company will directly pay a supplier, allowing the supplier to then fill a customer’s order.

If you successfully apply for PO financing with Heritage Capital Solutions, we can provide the cash advance needed for paying your suppliers. We offer commercial businesses financing for a variety of goods:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Domestically produced products
  • Presold products
  • Finished products

How Can PO Financing Benefit Your Business?

By fulfilling orders with PO financing, you can grow your business’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company. PO financing can also help you increase your business’s market share without damaging your equity or sending you into debt with a bank.

Is PO Financing Right for You?

Are you starting a new business and do not have easy access to capital? Or are you running an established company that struggles with cash flow? Our team can walk you through the process of obtaining financing, whether you need funds for work in process or must provide a letter of credit for imports.

Contact Heritage Capital Solutions today to learn about your purchase order financing options. We can support your business with short-term solutions so that you can set the stage for long-term growth.