Healthcare Financing

The Doctor is Always in With Our Medical Financing Solutions

At Heritage Capital Solutions we understand the special financing needs of the Medical profession. Whether you are a surgeon, veterinarian, or dentist, we provide the options you need to maintain or expand your business. Come see us to finance new equipment, building improvements, and the acquisition of other businesses.

Working Capital That Works for You

Our working capital loans are available for any expenses that enhance your medical practice. We offer generous terms to help you meet your every-day operational budget and other needs. The benefits of this financing include:

  • Pay nothing upfront.
  • We don’t report working capital loans to personal credit bureaus.
  • Obtain terms of up to 72 months.
  • Use this healthcare financing for a wide variety of applications.

Application only to $75,000. Full financials up to $250,000.

Consolidate Your Debt with Heritage Capital Solutions

Focus on the things that matter most, your patients and your practice, by consolidating your debt. Instead of multiple monthly payments with varying interest rates, simplify your financials and make one payment a month. Our affordable terms and rates will help you control your debt and maximize your assets.

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Email or call today and we’ll provide a loan application. We’re here to help your practice succeed.