Consumer Finance

Make Your Business More Flexible With Consumer Financing Options

Many businesses have launched consumer finance programs to great success. Not only does the company benefit, but your customers will enjoy the array of benefits. If your business does not currently use consumer financing, then get in touch with Heritage Capital Solutions to get it started.

Why It Is Good for Your Business

Consumer financing allows you to grow your company through competitive special terms promotions and marketing support. You receive on-the-spot credit decision and fast deposit of funds. Most businesses find they receive funds in as little as 48 hours. You have exceptional support throughout the entire endeavor. It all starts with a simple application process you can complete electronically.

Why It Is Good for Your Customers

Your customers will enjoy a credit card program because they can pay for expensive purchases over time instead of all at once. They know whether they are approved right away, and they gain immediate access to a revolving line of credit. When your customers have a credit card with your business, they are more likely to return.

A consumer finance program is perfect for any business that offers large ticket items. Electronics and furniture stores typically offer this funding. Regardless of what your company offers, you can get started by contacting Heritage Capital Solutions.